Do you have a damaged camshaft in your vehicle and you cant afford a new one? We encourage you to come to us.

By choosing our services you can count on professional advisers (we treat each case individually), reliability, good timeliness and professionalism.

You should know that:

Details of camshafts damage and materials it was created of – they decide of proper method of regeneration. Thanks to many years experience, making use of modern devices and technologies we can regenerate any kind of damage.

Thanks to advanced methods of hardfacing and forming your tired camshaft will be granted a new life

In extent of regeneration we fix:

  • truck camshafts (MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo etc.) - cams and journals - price 695 PLN for first cam and 70 PLN for each additonal (prices include TAX),
  • car camshafts - cams and journals,
  • motrocycle camshafts - cams and journals,
  • tappets - only grinding,
  • rocker arms and tappets rollers - only grinding.

On customers order we expose each regenerated camshaft to an additional thermochemical treatment ( sulphonitriding).Details of the process are described further.

Try us out and you will see that people working for you are professionals.

Example of a damaged camshaft:

rys. 1

Worn cams.



  • Arc hardfacing with a non-consumable electrode with a shielding gas – GTA (TIG)
  • Arc hardfacing with a consumable electrode with a shielding gas – GMA (MIG/MAG)
  • Arc hardfacing with a self shrouding flux-cored wire.
  • Supersonic speed flame spraying.
  • Manual arc hardfacing with a covered electrode
  • Gaseous hardfacing
  • Arc hardfacing with a nonconsumable electrode with a shielding gas – GTA


The surface of a camshaft after hardfacing is usually very hard, the only possible way of removal machining is grinding.


The cam before, during and after the regeneration. 

If the camshaft is too long, or hardfacing was made in many places a canting can occur. In such case before the grinding it is necessary to perform a planishing the camshaft on the press.

We can perform the planishing also on customers demand.

Thermochemical treatment

Cams hardfacing reproduces the geometry of the camshaft, but does not always guarantee regaining properties necessary for the correct camshafts working, such as: friction damage resistance or high hardness.

The solution of this problem is the right thermochemical treatment. In this case we make use of sulphonitriding, recommended especially for camshafts cooperating with a tapper.

The process is performed in a retort furnace, in the atmosphere of ammonia and sulphurous vapor, in temperature reaching 500-700° C and in time frame from 30 minutes up to over ten hours. As a result we get a sulphonitrided cover with, created in the ε phase, iron sulphides which separates frictional surfaces and lowers their adhesion. The final result is a surface layer characterising with a high wearing resistance, low friction resistance and full galling resistance. The layer thickness is 0.005-0.3mm, depending on kind of material, process parameters and parts destination.


Cylinder heads regeneration.

ŚWIĄTEK company as one of its regeneration services fixes cylinder heads. Our equipment backup and experience in regeneration gives us possibilities to fix and perform necessary modifications to most cylinder heads available on the market.

In extent of regeneration we perform the following activities:

  • Cylinder heads projecting
  • Camshaft bearing fix (reaming), including journals hardfacing or manufacturing camshafts with oversized journals
  • Valve seat and guide fix
  • Change of swirl chamber in Diesel cylinder head
  • Tuning modifications


Why is it worth to perform these modifications in our company? Because we perform them quickly, conveniently for the customer and for affordable prices:

  • We give the initial cost estimation after consultation with our technical adviser.
  • We receive the cylinder heads and return fixed ones through parcels, or courier parcels
  • We sell a world known manufacturers engine parts: GOETZE, MAHLE, AJUSA, TRW, FRECCIA, AE, GLYCO and others in arm's length price. Thanks to the combined service the customer saves time and money, because we will order all spare parts – needed to fix the cylinder head
  • We send back the old parts to the customer along with the fixed cylinder head
  • We are a well-known camshafts manufacturer, so if there is a necessity of modifying a camshaft (oversizing journals), or manufacturing a new one, with oversized journals, you will be able to have the full-scale service performed in one place and in arm's length price.
  • While performing a cylinder head tuning we recommend our proven sport camshafts – for a full-scale service and a camshafts purchase we offer a special discount.


We encourage you to contact us.

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