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Dear Customers

Everything begun with “Maluch” (Fiat 126p)...

Świątek Company was founded in 1978, in Bydgoszcz. At the beginning as a Fiat 126p service station – the popular “Maluch”. Experience collected for years, our own racing Team and a great love towards motorization became a core of what Świątek Company is until today. And currently it's, most of all, a camshafts manufacturing plant – the greatest of its kind in Poland.

One of our strongest sides is a low serial production. We manufacture series from 1 to 1000 (and more) camshafts. Thanks to that everyone can turn to us. An individual customer and a bulk consumer. We can create any kind of camshaft – serial, sport type, or ones to vehicles that are not produced anymore (so called “OLDTIMERS”). We ensure convenient due dates and very affordable prices.

To live up to our customers standards we are employing a qualified experts with years of experience. With connection with modern CNC production and thermochemical treatment technologies (hybercarb process, inductive hardening, sulphonitriding and so on) we provide a highest quality services.

Thanks to above we can surely say that camshafts is a domain we know everything about.

But Świątek is also about dynamometers...

Through years of experience, research in domain generally known as motorization we constructed and successfully manufacture dynamometers for a wide kind of diagnostic, tuning and LPG installation workshops.

Thanks to well rounded technologies, using the best available materials we offer our customers a high quality products in very affordable prices.

Świątek knows the individual needs of its customers.

Many things can be contained in the above statement. But it won't be an understatement to say that we, as one of few companies, respond to the individual needs of our customers. We mean a small-sized welded constructions, turn-milling, CNC metal forming, regeneration services and many, many more.

If you want to have a full image of our capabilities, we encourage you to contact us.

Świątek is a reliable company with traditions. We encourage you to make use of our experience.